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God has richly blessed First Presbyterian Church Tupelo with beautiful facilities for its mission and ministry. The primary purpose of these facilities is to provide a place for the worship of God, a place where people can learn of God’s ways and will for life, and a place where God’s people can enjoy Christian fellowship. Our buildings exist for the purpose that we as individuals exist – to advance the Kingdom of God.

Two principles of stewardship guide First Presbyterian Church in the use of its facilities:

A) The buildings of First Presbyterian Church do not belong to any group, individual, or even to the congregation.
They belong to God. God has entrusted us with the use of these facilities and thus they must be maintained and
cared for in a manner that would be pleasing to the Lord.

B) As an entrustment, God does not want us to horde the facilities, or to keep them only for ourselves. He wants us to share what we have with others who also want to advance the Kingdom of God, and to help the children of God.

With these principles in mind, the following guidelines apply:

1) Activities of First Presbyterian Church take precedence over all other activities
2) Use of Church facilities may be requested by church members and organized church groups for special      occasions such as birthday parties, baby or bridal showers, anniversaries, etc. at no cost.
3) Non-member individuals may request the use of Church facilities at a cost through the Church office (see fee and deposit schedule). These requests by non-members and the fees charged will be reviewed on a case by case basis by Property and Grounds and actions taken reported to the Session for approval.
4) If church facilities are used by outside groups they should be non-political and non-profit organizations, and whose charter and/or by-laws state that the primary purpose of such group is of a benevolent nature.
5) Occasions that require an Ordained Minister, such as a wedding, must receive the approval of the Session.
6) If the use of the Church facilities by outside groups or other churches necessitate the church Maintenance
Supervisor to work additional hours, these entities will be asked to compensate the Maintenance Supervisor at a cost determined by the Property and Grounds Committee. If additional utilities are used, these groups may be asked to defray such expenses.
7) If any church members desire to borrow tables, table cloths, or chairs for a private event, the member must
complete the “Facility Use Request” form. This will allow the Church staff to monitor the use and location of
Church equipment.

Other Provisions:

1) No alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs are allowed on the premises.
2) Smoking is not allowed in any Church building.
3) A responsible person will be given a building condition checklist to be completed after use of the facility. Failure to leave the facility in satisfactory condition will result in losing the privilege to use the facility in the future. If damage occurs during the use of the facility by a church member, outside group, or another church, they will be responsible for the cost of repairs.


All requests for the use of church facilities must be submitted to the church office in writing using the “Facility Use Request Form.” The church office will coordinate requests that require Session approval with the Property & Grounds Committee. The office will give FPC’s Audio/Visual Technician (Seth Shelnut (2021)) the entry and closure times if needed; otherwise the office will issue a temporary key fob to the approved user prior to the date of use. On the next business day following the use of the facility, the temporary key fob will be deleted and the completed Building Use Checklist form must be returned to the church office. The Maintenance Supervisor will perform an inspection of the facility and will report any unsatisfactory condition. User will be responsible for the repair of any damages to the facility. If any additional cleaning is
required, a fee of $50 per hour will be charged.


Area/Location Fee Deposit Total Cleaning Fee (optional)
Fellowship Hall w/Kitchen $200 $100 $300 $175
Fellowship Hall $150 $100 $250 $125
Meeting/Classroom $35 $15 $25
Gym w/Kitchen $400 $200 $600 $175
Gym Only $300 $175 $475 $125
Gym – Repetitive Use $12.5/Instance $ $ $125

*For ongoing/repetitive use, the deposit will be retained and an inspection after each use will be conducted to determine need for reconciliation of additional charges.
** Deposit is refundable if cancelled at least 2 weeks prior to event.