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<h3>History 101.13</h3>

The below article was written by Dr. Eugene Murphey and was published in The Tower newsletter of March 2006.  


In the previous church history segment, we briefly discussed the three tall lancet windows in the front wall of the church sanctuary with the dominant central figure of Christ as the Head of the Church surrounded by figures representing his disciples, the descending Holy Spirit and Hand of God.   Below these and to the sides of the Christ figure and a collage of human figures representing all the peoples of the world who look to Christ as their leader and savior.  Many different occupations, age and ethnic backgrounds are shown, nearly all looking toward Christ and responding to His command not only to follow Him but to ‘take up your yoke and follow Me.’  The oxen yoke for pulling is seen below the Christ figure.  This means that as Christians we are not to be just passive followers but that we must work in and for Him in carrying forward of His Kingdom on earth.  Small side figures show parables of the good Samaritan and the sower of seed.  Below them are the Acts of Mercy (Matthew 25): feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, welcoming the stranger, clothing the naked, visiting the sick and imprisoned.

In the panels below Christ, the artists at Willett Studios who were responsible for the stained glass windows inserted a number of people who have followed His command and hold important places in our church history.  These include such well-known names as David Brainerd, Sheldon Jackson, Dr. Livingston, John Leighton Stuart, Motte Martin and William Carey, all persons of tremendous faith and dedication.  Ina larger segment we will try and provide more information about these powerful figures.  Several of them are shown with persons of different races and nationalities to whom the administered.

At the bottom center panel, we see a number of different church buildings representing the multitude of branches of the Christian Church Universal.  This is fronted by the seal of the World Council of Churches with the ship of the Church and its cross-topped mast.  The figure at the left is a blacksmith beating a spear into a plowshare.  below him is the seal of the United Nations, the UN buildings and a spiked cross carried by Crusaders so they could plant it wherever they wanted to pray.

Also of special interest is the figure at the bottom right of a space-suited astronaut backed by stars and an atomic symbol.  he is presumably walking on the moon with the inscription, ‘Go Ye Unto All The Wolrd.’  This confirms that our stained glass windows are designed and constructed soon after that famous first moon landing, and also established the fact that Christ’s commission no longer only to our planet Earth but to all God’s universe.

-Eugene M. Murphey, M.D.