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FPC Pre-School

We of First Presbyterian Church believe that children are a gift of God, each one unique and valuable, deserving the best possible early childhood experiences.We believe God has called us to nurture and protect our children so that they may grow to become whole adult persons, knowing the love and truth of God. We believe that children learn to know God and learn of His love through being in a safe, loving and nurturing environment where God’s loving care is named.

The FPC Preschool is non­denominational but clearly engages Christian values. We are committed to providing a caring environment where our goals will be achieved through activities appropriate to the developmental age of the children



The Preschool and Kindergarten programs at First Presbyterian Church in Tupelo are quality programs designed with the whole child in mind.  At our school, children are valued just as they are, and we take seriously our responsibility to nurture and encourage them toward their full potential.  Our God-centered curriculum incorporates language skills, literature study, art and music appreciation, social studies units, science units, math skills, and important social skills development encouraged through free play, physical exercise, group games, and one-on-one interaction.

The goal of our educational model is to help children develop mentally, physically, socially, morally, and academically through an age-appropriate curriculum.  Our preschool students are well-prepared for kindergarten, and our kindergarten students are well-prepared for first grade.

Our school year follows the Tupelo Public School District calendar with the exception of our opening (September rather than August) and our closing (usually 1 to 2 weeks before the end of the TPSD year).

For further information, please contact the church office at 842-5681 and ask to speak to our director Sunny Waters.  Classes are available for children ages 2 (as of Sept. 1) through kindergarten.