Bible Quiz / Trivia - The Book of Genesis

A ten-question quiz on the Book of Genesis ....
What fruit appears first in the Book of Genesis?
Genesis 2:10-14 mentions four rivers. Which of the following is NOT one of them?
Adam and Eve had three sons. There was Cain, Abel, and __________! What is the name of the third son? (Hint: Genesis 4:25)
Creation was finalized in how many days?
After the flood, how old was Noah when the ground was dry? (Genesis 8:13)
Which of Joseph's brothers did not want him to die? (Genesis 37:21)
How old was Joseph when his brothers sold him into slavery? (Genesis 37:2)
Which day of creation saw the sun, moon, and stars made?
On the sixth day, what did God command the land to produce?
Where was Abraham to take Isaac to sacrifice him? (Genesis 22)
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Bible Quiz / Trivia - The Book of Genesis
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